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HF 한국주택금융공사

Leading institution of sustainable housing finance responsible for the people's housing well-being

  • Issuance of MBS and MBB
  • Supply of Bogeumjari Loan and Confirming Loan
  • Guarantees for Housing finance
  • Supply of Home Pension

Established on March 1,2004,Korea Housing Finance Corporation(HF) is a State-Run Enterprise that Facilitates the Long-Term, Stable Supply of Housing Funds and Other Related Instruments, Thereby Promoting National Welfare and Developing the National Economy.

Committed to serving as a trusted partner for low-and middle-income families HF has wide-ranging housing finance operations including the supply of Bogeumjari Loan and Confirming Loan, the issuance of credit guarantees for housing finance and Home Pension(Reverse Mortgage), and the securitization of mortgage-backed claims and other instruments.

1 Supply of Bogeumjari Loan and Confirming Loan Open

Long-term fixed-rate mortgage loans with principal and interest payments made in installments over a period of 10 years or longer, these instruments allow new homeowners to pay back their loans on a stable basis without the risk of interest fluctuations.

2 Guarantees for housing finance Open

To help make good housing more widely accessible, HF issues letters of guarantee to eligible prospective home buyers to obtain chonsei loans or apartment installment payment loans from financial institutions. For home builders, HF issues letters of guarantees for loans to build apartment houses to promote housing construction.

3 Supply of Home Pension(Reverse Mortgage) Open

HF helps improve the welfare of senior citizens by offering Home Pension, which enables those aged at least 55 who own homes to put up their homes as collateral and receive monthly pensions from financial institutions for the remainder of their lives.

4 Issuance of MBS and MBB Open

HF issues Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) and Mortgage-Backed Bonds(MBB) using mortgage loans transferred from financial institutions as the underlying assets and sells them to investors to raise long-term, low-interest capital from the bond market. This has greatly increased the availability of funds for loans.
(HF does not issue SLBS at the moment, because the student loan guarantee and other related works have been transferred to KOSAF, Korea Student Aid Foundation.)