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2015. 01.
HF launches ‘Monthly rent payment-guarantee’ program
2015. 02.
HF redefines its vision : ‘A global leader in housing finance growing with its people’
2015. 03.
MBS Issuance exceeded 100 trillion won
HF releases ‘Relief-Loan’ program for Adjustable-rate mortgage loans to ease structural issues in household debt
2015. 06.
HF’s paid-in-capital exceeds 1.5 trillion won
2015. 08.
Ensured continuous benefit of JTYK under house-redevelopment plan
Allowed housing guarantee for land-trust
Cumulative sales of Bogeumjari-loan exceeded 80 trillion won


2014. 01.
HF and MoLT launches ‘Didimdol-Loan’
2014. 03.
HF permits online mortgage registration for Bogeumjari-Loan with less registration fee and lowered interest rate.
2014. 04.
HF launches ‘Mid-term Conforming Loan’
2014. 06.
Number of JTYK beneficiaries exceeded 20,000
HF launches ‘Adjustable-rate Conforming Loan’
2014. 10.
Inauguration of New President, Mr. Kim Jae-cheon
2014. 11
Reverse mortgage became eligible for multiple home owners
2014. 12.
HF headquarter moved to BIFC (Busan International Finance Center)


2013. 03.
US$500 million CB issued overseas based on conforming loans
2013. 04.
Midway payment guarantee launched for partial installment-paid rental homes
2013. 05.
“Debt-structuring conforming loans” launched to support the “house-poor”
Interest rate disclosure service started for conforming loans
2013. 06.
Advance-subscription reverse mortgage launched
2013. 08.
Reverse mortgage eligibility (age) eased
No lump sum-required exceptional lease (Jeonse) deposit guarantee II launched
2013. 11.
Fixed-term reverse mortgage launched


2012. 01.
HF launches the prime rate Bogeumjari loan II
2012. 02.
HF launches Jinggeomdari (‘stepping-stone’) Jeonse Loan Guarantee to alleviate the interest burden
2012. 03.
HF launches conforming loans to support the softlanding of household debt
2012. 08.
Number of JTYK borrowsers exceeds 10,000
2012. 11.
HF reaches KRW 10 trillion in conforming loans
HF redefines its vision : the best housing financial institution supporting ordinary people


2011. 02.
HF wins the Best Securitization Deal AAA Award 2010(Organized by the Asset)
2011. 03.
Outstanding balance of housing credit guarantees exceeds KRW 20 trillion
2011. 04.
HF wins the Grand Prize in Business Ethics (Organized by the Korean Association of Business Ethics)
2011. 08.
HF wins the Grand Prize awarded to companies making social contributions (Organized by the Korea Economic Daily)
2011. 11.
Designated as one of Korea’s 100 best companies to work for in 2011 (Organized by GWP Korea)
HF wins the Grand Prize in Transparent Management (Organized by the Korea Accounting Information Association)
The 2010 annual report wins an international award
2011. 12.
HF recives the Prime Minister’s Award on Job Creation (Organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor)
Ranked first in integrity assessment for two consecutive years (Organized by the Anti-conrruption and Civil Rights Commission)


2010. 01.
Contact Center awarded Excellence in Service Qualuty certification (from Agency for Technology and Standards)
2010. 03.
KHFC changes corporate identity to HF
2010. 06.
Introduced the “u-Bogeumgari Loan”
2010. 07.
Issued 500 million dollars in dollar-denominated, covered bonds
2010. 11.
Annual housing loan guarantee reaching 10 trillion won
2010. 12.
Garnered the highest grade in customer satisfaction among public agencies (hosted by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
No. 1 in integrity assessment, garnered the best grade in anti-corruption practice assessment (hosted by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission)