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2021. 01.
‘Government reward for job creation' Received a commendation from the Minister of Employment and Labor in the field of conversion to regular employees in the public sector
2021. 02.
Inauguration of the 8th CEO Jun-Woo Choi
2021. 06.
Launch of trust-type housing annuity and housing pension protection bankbook
2021. 07.
Launch of an ultra-long term policy mortgage product with a maturity of 40 years
Issuance of foreign covered bonds with negative interest rates of 1 billion euros
Diversification of housing pension receiving methods (initial increase type, regular increase type, etc.)
2021. 09.
Northern Gyeonggi branch opened
2021. 10.
Received Presidential Citation on Financial Day
2021. 11.
‘Contribution of shared growth with Large & Small corporations’Received a commendation from the Minister of Small Venture Business Department
‘National Statistics Quality Management' Selected as the best institution
2021. 12.
Selected as an excellent institution for fair and blind recruitment(received the Minister of Employment and Labor Award)
Singapore Overseas Office opened
Gyeonggi East Branch opened


Alleviated the age eligibility for Korean Home Pension (60→55 years old)
Received the ‘People’s Choice Award in Good TV Ads’(Hosted by Korea Advertisers Association)
Released Jeonse Jikim Guarantee (for return of the Jeonse Deposit)
Issued Covid-19 linked social covered bonds, the first of its kind outside of Europe (500million euros)
Released Jeonse Guarantee with partial installment payment scheme
Received the‘Korea Best SNS Award’ (hosted by Korea Association for Social Contents’ Development)
Alleviated the eligibility criteria for the Korean Home Pension by increasing the house price cap (KRW900M of market price → KRW900M of declared value) and allowing residence studio flats as collateral
Selected as an exemplary case of fair & blind hiring (Minister of Education’s Prize)
Won a grand award at the Korea Social Contribution Contest, hosted by Korea Social Contribution Program (Citation from the vice-chairman of the National Assembly)
Won Asia’s ‘Best Social Bond’award and the‘Best Structured Finance Deal’award by The Asset and Global Capital for each.


2019. 05.
Honored as exemplary case of gender-equal employment practices and Awarded the Minister of Employment and Labor's prize
Launched Guarantee for chonsei loans and monthly rent loans customized for young people
Launched PF Guarantee for the after-sale system
2019. 06.
Issued AAA Euro Social Covered Bond
2019. 09.
Hosted the 2019 AFIS Conference and ASMMA General Assembly
Launched 'New Relief Conversion Loan'
2019. 11.
Awarded the Commissioner of Statistics Korea's prize for the best dissemination and availability of Statistics
2019. 12.
Hit 70,000 subscribers for Reverse Mortgage(cumulative)


2018. 01.
Appointed Jung-Hwan Lee as 7th CEO of HF
Number of reverse mortgage subscribers surpassed 50,000
2018. 02.
Awarded the President's Prize for the best anti-corruption agency
2018. 03.
Announced new vision 「the best housing finance institution growing with the happiness of people」 ,「Institution that improves the quality of life by enhancing the housing welfare of people」
2018. 04.
Launch of Bogeumjari Loan especially for newly-wed couples and families with multiple children
2018. 05.
Launch of 'Deonaeun Bogeumjari Loan' and 'Non-recourse Bogeumjari Loan'
2018. 10.
Issued Asia's first social covered bonds in Euro
2018. 12.
Awarded the President's prize for the best volunteer in Korea by Ministry of the interior and safety


2017. 01.
HF launches a conforming loan with a fixed interest
Subscribers for the reverse mortgage surpassed 40,000
2017. 04.
HF accomplishes a 100 trillion KRW supply of conforming loans
2017. 05.
HF launches a limited collateral(non-recourse) type of Didimdolloan
MBS surpasses 200 trillion KRW
2017. 10.
HF launches new agreement based lease fund guarantee customized for the demand by newly wed couple and SME workers
2017. 11.
HF receives the best award(Minister of F.S.S) for Korean Economy Finance & Consumer Protection Grand Prize from the Retirement Finance Academy
2017. 12.
HF first rankes in integrity assessment for public institutions(first class), selected for the eight consecutive years of exellent institution( supervised by A.C.R.C)


2016. 02.
The number of borrowers of the Reverse mortgage guarantee exceeded 30,000
2016. 04.
HF launches 3types of modified KHFC reverse mortgage(Naejibyeongeum)
2016. 07.
HF publishes "70 Years of the Korea Housing Finance Corporation"
2016. 11.
HF issues the first pass-through MBS(305.1 billion KRW)
2016. 12.
HF receives a Grade A evaluation for its integrity as a public institution 2016, and was designted an excellent public service for seven years running